About Us: Confidence

Lujo Asiático Japan is a young and dynamic company brand specialized in private customized tours for FIT and VIP visitors to Japan. Our offices are located in the heart of Tokyo, at the core of the country. We create new innovative tours or develop itineraries based on the requested services. Lujo Asiático operates as a B2B services company as part of Indochina Strings Group, a group leader in tourism FIT in the latin market.

Clients/Guest Profile

We work directly with travel agencies abroad, mainly from the Spanish speaking market: Mexico, Spain, Venezuela, Guatemala, Peru but also English and Portuguese speaking countries. Our guests are mainly VIP couples and families who wish to have a hassle-free and high-quality travel experience in Japan, with private guidance and excellent level of services.


We aspire to provide perfect memories to our visitors on a flawless journey. In Lujo Asiatico Japan we regard Japan as a unique destination in the world that not only offers cultural, gastronomic and leisure opportunities at a leading international level, the peculiarities of the people and the fascinating complexity of the society allow visitors to enjoy a definitive personal experience.

Services We Provide

We handle customized private tours based upon the guest wishes with guide mainly English or Spanish, all based on the best of the client interests and our in field experience. We take care of the hotel, private guide, and transportation arrangements; supplying unique experiences and activities as many kinds of reservations like exclusive restaurants.

Team Profile

The Tokyo based team is multicultural and includes professionals from various countries, including Japan, Spain, Philippines, and Korea. With great experience and knowledge of the complexity of the Japanese society and specialized in the design and arrangement of tours exclusively inside Japan.