Gathering cyclist of the world: Japan Izu peninsula cycling tour with with luxurious stay in a resort (20-23 May)

This experience is oriented for outdoor lovers with passion for cycling, providing them the chance of touring in group and with specialized car assistance as they stay in a five stars resort where after the ride they can enjoy a relaxing bath in the spa and dinner.

The tour requires good physical condition enough to ride about 50-60 km per day but between a wide offer of bicycles to rent there are electric ones to support those who have less running practice. Full Board meals and accommodation are provided.

The Izu Peninsula is located just about 100 kilometers southwest of Tokyo and is a popular resort area because of its hot springs, beautiful coastlines, beaches, mild climate and scenic mountainous interior. Mount Fuji lies only about 50 kilometers to the north and can be viewed from the peninsula's western coast.

Not only hot springs, temples, bamboo groves and plenty of history characterize the highland resort, its connections with great literature give it added value. Natsume Soseki penned Remembrances after a two-month convalescence here, and the Old Amagi Tunnel sets the opening scene of Nobel Prize laureate Yasunari Kawabata’s The Dancing Girl of Izu. The Katsura River flows right through the center of town, with shops, galleries and bathhouses lining either side. For foodies, all the clear snowmelt means plenty of premium wasabi to enjoy freshly grated with a serving of soba. At the Darumayama Kogen Rest House, you can have a variety of venison dishes, or try gutsy fare like fried udon noodles in curry.