Village-museum rural theme park

The village theme park museum of Boso, is an extensive complex of traditional houses set as a village in Japan 150 years ago. In a charming bucolic environment of the past, the village offers us the chance to enjoy curious experiences of culture and craftsmanship in each of its different constructions. The experiences offered are generally short, around 15 minutes, generally for visitors in small groups but there are also some to do together large groups. Usually large groups usually spread out in the area to enjoy at will based on their interests and get together for specific experiences.

The village is located in a fairly extensive area that also offers nature walks and where we will find scattered merchant houses, centuries-old rural museum houses, farms with traditional utensils, traditional crops and areas with archaeological relics even from prehistory.

The experiences offered are: Creation of tatami panel, pottery, work in amber, esparto, different kitchens, painting on tapestry (available for large groups), Tea and / or rice picking (subject to season), Samurai armor clothing...