Inside Kiyomizudera Temple

An exclusive experience allows us to access the heart and secrets of one of the most emblematic and popular temples in Japan. Kiyomizudera in Kyoto.

Guided by one of the monks of this world heritage temple, we will visit private places  of the temple such as the guest rooms, the Moon Garden, the west door and the main room of the inner temple.

Additionally, since the main roof is in the process of maintenance (a process that occurs every 50 years), there is a unique opportunity to access the work area, being able to observe the detail of the complicated process of restoration of the millenary temple. Kiyomizudera is famous for its exquisite construction, an example of this is its famous lookout-railing that despite its large dimensions is built without using nails.

Founded in 778, Otowa-san Kiyomizudera offers over 1200 years of history. This independent buddhist temple has long been open to people of all classes and large numbers of people have visited throughout its history. Among the grounds, which spread over 130,000 square meters along the mid-slope of Mt. Otowa in the eastern part of Kyoto, stand thirty Buddhist buildings, including the national treasure Main Hall and many other important cultural properties. In 1944, Kiyomizudera Temple was added to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List as a Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto.

This tour is hosted by an English speaking monk.