Kurashiki, located near the prefectural capital of Okayama City, is one of the best preserved old Japan's mercantile towns.  Kurashiki literally means 'spread of warehouses' and is popular because its banks of a scenic, willow tree-lined canal at the foot of Mount Tsurugata. Kurashiki hosts countless historic whitewashed storehouses with black and white tiled facades, most of which have been converted into galleries, museums, boutiques, and restaurants, turning the ancient mercantil town in a hot touristic spot in Japan. The 'Bikan Chiku' historical area offers an important Museum of Art, Ohara, which features impressive collections by renowned Western artists including pieces by El Greco, Gauguin, Matisse, Monet, and Renoir, as well as Asian and contemporary artists.


Picture by DavideGorla